I am a golfer in every sense of the word.  I live it, breathe it, and never stop thinking about it.  I have spent the last 10 years of my life dissecting this game and then putting it back together again.  I am constantly searching for ways to improve; even if it’s just 1%.  I love to push my limits in competitive environments, but I equally enjoy a casual day on the course with friends.  Golf has provided me with many amazing experiences and opportunities.  This great game constantly teaches me valuable lessons that are applicable both on and off the course.


In order to pay it forward, I spent my time at New Mexico State University garnering the education needed to attain my Class A, PGA certification.  In my time at NMSU, I learned under two of the leading experts in Club-Focused golf instruction.  This method of instruction catapulted my competitive career, as well as my desire to teach others.  Mesmerized by the simplicity at which golfers improved under this method of instruction, I wanted to share it with as many people as possible.  Additionally, I specialize in golf strategy and course management.  I love to show golfers how to look at a golf hole and develop a strategy for success.  I teach revolutionary course management concepts that have been proven at the PGA Tour level, and assimilate easily to every level of golfer.