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I am a golfer in every sense of the word.  I live it, breathe it, and never stop thinking about it.  I have spent the last 10 years of my life dissecting this game and then putting it back together again.  I am constantly searching for ways to improve; even if it’s just 1%.  I love to push my limits in competitive environments, but I equally enjoy a casual day on the course with friends.  Golf has provided me with many amazing experiences and opportunities.  This great game constantly teaches me valuable lessons that are applicable both on and off the course.


In order to pay it forward, I spent my time at New Mexico State University garnering the education needed to attain my Class A, PGA certification.  In my time at NMSU, I learned under two of the leading experts in Club-Focused golf instruction.  This method of instruction catapulted my competitive career, as well as my desire to teach others.  Mesmerized by the simplicity at which golfers improved under this method of instruction, I wanted to share it with as many people as possible.  Additionally, I specialize in golf strategy and course management.  I love to show golfers how to look at a golf hole and develop a strategy for success.  I teach revolutionary course management concepts that have been proven at the PGA Tour level, and assimilate easily to every level of golfer.



Lesson TYPEs




In our 50 minutes together, we will improve any aspect of your game that you desire. We will analyze your swing or stroke using slo-motion analysis.  So you don’t forget any of portion of the lesson, you will receive a video recap of all topics covered sent straight to your inbox.


Giving a playing lesson is my favorite thing to do. Whether you are an accomplished tournament player or are just getting into the game, the value you’ll receive from this time together is unparalleled. Many of you want to play better golf, but you spend all of your time practicing your swing. These two skills are not the same. In this lesson, I will teach you how to assess a golf hole based upon YOUR skill level. I will show you where to aim, which clubs to hit and why, and how to navigate the greens. If there was one lesson that would have the most significant impact on your scores, this is it.


Lesson packages are designed for golfers who want to make a serious impact on their game. Committing to a series of lessons will allow us to establish a game plan for your success. We will identify the areas of your game that are currently holding you back from reaching your true potential. In each lesson together, we will systematically improve those areas, making them your strengths.


The Players Package is designed for skilled golfers who want to take their games to the next level. This package is comprised of 3 private lessons and 2, 9-hole playing lessons. In our sessions together, we will systematically break down your golf game and identify those areas that will elevate your game. We will develop an effective practice plan that is designed to strengthen any weaknesses. In addition, we will spend time on the golf course together where I will teach you revolutionary course management strategies and principles that are guaranteed to lower your scores.


These packages are designed for those who have major goals in mind for their golf. If you’re looking to make a lasting impact on your golf game, this is for you. As a member of any of my unlimited monthly packages, you will have the ability to book up to 2 lessons per week for the duration of your package. These plans will give us the time needed to really take a look under the hood. We will analyze and study every facet of your golf game during the duration of the package. I will look at your tendencies, collect an array of meaningful statistics, and keep a running log of your improvements. In between lessons, you will receive structured practice plans and playing objectives to keep you on track for your goals. As a competitive golfer who has studied the game and identified what is truly important to lower scores, this is where I shine.



This program is designed for junior golfers who want to improve their game in order to make their high school teams. For two months leading into the season, golfers will meet twice a week at Newcastle. Sessions will cover every area of the game. Golfers will develop the skills and confidence that they need to qualify for their respective teams. Golfers will head into the season with every skill needed to play golf at the high school level.


This program is designed for junior golfers who are currently playing on their high school team. For two months leading into the season, golfers will meet twice a week at Newcastle. Sessions will be designed to create a competitive environment amongst the members of the group. Golfers will further sharpen their skills in order to take their game to the next level. Emphasis will be placed on learning the same on-course strategy used by the best golfers in the world.






All private lessons will be 50 minutes in duration.

$120 - Adult private lesson


Playing Lesson

Rates apply to both adults and juniors. Greens fee is included in the price.

$200 –9 hole Private Playing Lesson

$400 – 18 hole private playing lesson



 $345 - series of 3 LESSONS




$285 - Series of 3 LESSONS



group lesson

Two or more golfers are needed for a group lesson.

$100 - per ADULT GOLFER



Rates apply to both adults and juniors.

$700 - 3 private lessons & 2, 9-hole playing lessons.


Broken out per lesson rate assumes two lessons per week.


$2,640 - 3 Month UNLIMITED ($110/lesson)

$4,800 - 6 Month UNLIMITED ($100/lesson)

$7,680 - 12 Month UNLIMITED ($80/lesson)


$2,160 - 3 MONTH UNLIMITED ($90/lesson)

$3,840 - 6 MONTH UNLIMITED ($80/lesson)

$6,720 - 12 MONTHS UNLIMITED ($70/lesson)



online Lessons


What will you receive with an online lesson?

  • Professional level swing analysis with voice-over by Keith

  • Side-by-side video comparison with PGA Tour players

  • Personalized instruction & drills filmed by Keith

  • Text communication with Keith during & after the lesson


With Skillest, I am able to connect with golfers from any location in the world. You no longer have to live near a PGA Professional in order to benefit from their expertise, all you need is your phone and a golf club. No matter where you are, you’ll always have your latest lessons with you on the app. Refer to them as you need without the fear of forgetting any valuable information passed along by your coach. Download the Skillest app here.



Single Lesson:

Send video of your swing for a single lesson.


Unlimited Monthly Subscription:

Send unlimited videos of your swing for analysis & feedback.
Unlimited communication with Keith via the app.
Access premium content and videos uploaded by Keith.


unlimited yearly subscription:

Save over 15% on the monthly subscription.
Send unlimited videos of your swing for analysis & feedback.
Unlimited communication with Keith via the app.
Access premium content and videos uploaded by Keith.

$999.99 yearly

Download the Skillest App Here


“In working with Keith over the past several months, my golf game has been on a linear progression. Keith’s balanced philosophy around the mental approach to the game and the technical aspects of the golf swing resonate with me. His evaluation of my game at a nuanced level is unlike coach I have worked with. After following Keith on social media for some time, I was pleased that he offered his coaching on the Skillest platform because the app allows for a continuous feedback loop between lessons. The experience has been invaluable.” - Rory Liebhart

“We recently moved to a golfing community and I had no interest in learning to play. My husband plays golf and we met new friends who golf so I reluctantly signed up to take a package of 10 lessons over the summer. Best decision ever! Keith Bennett is a great teacher, very knowledgeable and patient. Took me from basically never touching a club to being able to use a driver. I learned a lot and found out to my surprise that I really like the game. I highly recommend Keith Bennett for a beginner like to me to an advanced player who may need to tune up their skills.” -Linda Nieman

“I started working with Keith after a few years of golf under my belt.  Coming from a background in other sports I have developed good habits but also habits that don't carry over so well. Keith is able to take those strengths, weaknesses, and overall approach and connect them to golf. This has helped me reshape how I go about playing the game.  His approach is to simplify things, get back to the basics and trust your abilities.  I have seen extremely quick results in a short amount of time! Not only has my swing become more fluid and consistent but my mental approach to the game has improved too. I now don't just attack the flag, I have learned to play the course for how it is designed, I have learned to read greens properly, and I have learned to take the thinking out of the swing and to trust my game. Keith opened my eyes to how simple my swing should be and not to overthink it.” - Cory Dunn


All Lessons will be given at The Golf Club at Newcastle 





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