online Lessons


What will you receive with an online lesson?

  • Professional level swing analysis with voice-over by Keith

  • Side-by-side video comparison with PGA Tour players

  • Personalized instruction & drills filmed by Keith

  • Text communication with Keith during & after the lesson


With Skillest, I am able to connect with golfers from any location in the world. You no longer have to live near a PGA Professional in order to benefit from their expertise, all you need is your phone and a golf club. No matter where you are, you’ll always have your latest lessons with you on the app. Refer to them as you need without the fear of forgetting any valuable information passed along by your coach. Download the Skillest app here.



Single Lesson:

Send video of your swing for a single lesson.


Unlimited Monthly Subscription:

Send unlimited videos of your swing for analysis & feedback.
Unlimited communication with Keith via the app.
Access premium content and videos uploaded by Keith.


unlimited yearly subscription:

Save over 15% on the monthly subscription.
Send unlimited videos of your swing for analysis & feedback.
Unlimited communication with Keith via the app.
Access premium content and videos uploaded by Keith.

$999.99 yearly

Download the Skillest App Here


“In working with Keith over the past several months, my golf game has been on a linear progression. Keith’s balanced philosophy around the mental approach to the game and the technical aspects of the golf swing resonate with me. His evaluation of my game at a nuanced level is unlike coach I have worked with. After following Keith on social media for some time, I was pleased that he offered his coaching on the Skillest platform because the app allows for a continuous feedback loop between lessons. The experience has been invaluable.” - Rory Liebhart

“We recently moved to a golfing community and I had no interest in learning to play. My husband plays golf and we met new friends who golf so I reluctantly signed up to take a package of 10 lessons over the summer. Best decision ever! Keith Bennett is a great teacher, very knowledgeable and patient. Took me from basically never touching a club to being able to use a driver. I learned a lot and found out to my surprise that I really like the game. I highly recommend Keith Bennett for a beginner like to me to an advanced player who may need to tune up their skills.” -Linda Nieman

“I started working with Keith after a few years of golf under my belt.  Coming from a background in other sports I have developed good habits but also habits that don't carry over so well. Keith is able to take those strengths, weaknesses, and overall approach and connect them to golf. This has helped me reshape how I go about playing the game.  His approach is to simplify things, get back to the basics and trust your abilities.  I have seen extremely quick results in a short amount of time! Not only has my swing become more fluid and consistent but my mental approach to the game has improved too. I now don't just attack the flag, I have learned to play the course for how it is designed, I have learned to read greens properly, and I have learned to take the thinking out of the swing and to trust my game. Keith opened my eyes to how simple my swing should be and not to overthink it.” - Cory Dunn